We invest in you before you invest in us

We understand that most healthcare practices and aesthetic salons are trying to decrease expenses, not increase them. As a result, we offer our clients:

  • Free onsite assessment and consultation
  • Guaranteed results
  • Programs that can be maintained and sustained, following our implementation

Whether or not you’ve worked with a consultant in the past, it’s easy to see what sets JMS apart from other healthcare and aethetic professional consulting companies:

  • Training and meetings tailored to your organization’s individual needs and goals.
  • Services provided onsite when it’s convenient for you, including after hours and on weekends.
  • We work side by side with you and your staff. We treat your business as if it were our own.
Schedule your free onsite assessment today

Unlike others in the industry, we provide prospective clients with a free assessment that includes:

  • Self-assessment by physicians/owners/key executives
  • Staff interviews and assessments
  • Assessment of marketing materials, social media and online reviews
  • Evaluation of existing “upselling” practices for medical and aesthetic self-pay services and products
  • Utilizing “Secret Shoppers”
  • Presentation of a customized plan and suggested solutions
  • Selection of desired services, a timeline and implementation plan
  • Final agreement about reporting, results tracking and future steps

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“Creating Exceptional, Individualized and Memorable Experiences for Every Customer During Every Interaction”

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